The Vanguard

The Vanguard Issue #1: The Right to Bear Arms

A Senator at Stake! Has one of Eagle City's greatest heroes switched allegiances?

We find our heroes Pulse , Omus, and The Fool foiling a robbery of a Manticorp weapons warehouse by The Huns, the malicious motorcycle club made up of near-invulnerable bikers. Armed with grenade launchers and high-caliber tools of murder they were not about to let this cache of powerful new energy weapons slip out of their clutches. Despite their foes being as tough as solid rock, The Vanguard made surprisingly quick work of the bikers with Omus kicking five at a time using his super speed, The Fool throwing bombs and clubbing them with the Jester Stick, and Pulse throwing countless beams of light from his hands. When two bikers attempted to escape, Omus nearly ran circles around their inferior vehicles. It was after the police arrived that The Vanguard received an important call from the local Senator, Senator Komrosky. The Senator wished to give accolades to The Vanguard, Arcturus, Oberon and The Armsman during his next speech. The other heroes mysteriously were absent. After the medals were given suddenly a Hotdog Cart flipped open to reveal a brutishly large minigun that began firing at the Senator. Due to the size of its operator and the excessive caliber of the attack, it was clear The Huns were responsible. A group of motorcylists rushed the stage and the would-be assassin’s fell easily to The Vanguard. The Senator confessed he had invited the heroes hoping they would protect him if the Huns attacked as they had. The Huns did not appreciate the senators stance on regulating Energy and super-grade ballistic weapons. Upon investigating the scene further, the heroes discovered that the senator had not one brush with death but two! A crossbow bolt was found sticking out of the stage in a perfect arc from where the senator had been standing the instant before The Huns attacked. Not wanting to be seen as a coward by the public the senator insisted he give another speech the next day. He refused to have the heroes guard him as there was no other pretense for their being there. The Vanguard insisted they would protect him in secret. The next day, the senator gave his speech under The Vangurd’s watchful eyes. The Fool and an invisible Omus staked out from nearby rooftops while Pulse hid in the crowd. There was nothing out of the ordinary until half-way through the speech The Armsman jumped onto the stage and put a sword to the senator’s throat. Omus attempted to attack him but stopped because the senator’s life was at risk. The Armsman knocked out the senator and carried him off. Omus turned on his cloaking device and followed. Omus followed him to a warehouse, relayed the address to his allies and waited for them to arrive. They entered, Omus and The Fool jumping through windows and shattering them while Pulse used the unlocked front door. The Senator could be seen tied to a chair amid large shipping crates. Omus rushed over to untie him. Suddenly, the sentator grabbed the chair and whacked Omus with it, bruising him. “The Senator” pulled his face off to reveal a disguised Armsman. He threw a hidden bandolier of grenades at the heroes and hid in the warehouse, attacking from secret. The Armsman gave the heroes a run for their money with his skill and arsenal of weapons until Omus was able to grab hold of him, setting him up to be beat down by the heroes. Putting up an admirable fight even when held, The Armsman was defeated. The heroes investigated the warehouse and found a battered Senator Komrosky. They used a piece of metal from a packing shelf that Omus bent around an unconscious Armsman to subdue him. When The Armsman awoke it appeared he had not been himself during the battle or was giving a convincing act as such. The heroes determined he was being truthful and released him. The Senator told the heroes that while he was being carried away, The bewildered Armsman whispered “Samedi”. A mysterious clue the heroes took note of. They then escorted the senator to a hospital.



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