The Forcemaker



Height: 5’10", 170lb, Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown

Clothing: black and white jumpsuit with blue accents. Face cover with the same color scheme


Strength: 3 Agility: 5 Fighting: 3 Awareness: 3

Stamina: 3 Dexterity: 5 Intellect: 3 Presence: 2


Dodge: 11

Parry: 11

Fortitude: 11

Toughness: 3 (11 with active Barrier)

Will: 11


Telekinesis(move object 10):

-25 tons, DC 25, damaging (Standard – Ranged, 250/500/1000 ft. – Sustained), Noticeable blue glow

Barrier (force field 8):

- +8 toughness, impervious (2 extra ranks) (Personal – Sustained), Noticeable blue glow

Self-Directed Telekinesis(flight 4)

- Speed: 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round (Free – Personal – Sustained)


All-out Attack: trade active defense for attack bonus

Eidetic Memory: Total recall, can use expertise as if trained, +5 to memory checks

Fast Grab: make a free grab check after hitting with an attack

Improved Aim: double circumstance bonus for aiming

Improved Hold: -5 circumstance penalty to escape from your holds

Improved Initiative 2: +4 initiative

Power Attack: trade attack bonus for effect bonus

Precise Attack (Ranged and Concealment): ignore attack check penalties for cover and concealment


Base Movement Speed: – Speed 2 miles/hour, 30 feet/round

Levitation: Flight 4 – 30 miles/hour, 500 feet/round

Routine Jump Distance: – Running jump: 13 ft., standing: 6.5 ft., vertical 2.6 ft., standing vertical: 1.3 ft.


Motivation: Thrills – The Forcemaker enjoys the action involved with being a super, whether it’s a fight, a chase, or an investigation.

Quirk – The Forcemaker likes to rearrange things any place something important happens. He doesn’t claim to know anything about interior design, but enjoys his ability to move objects so much that he just has screw around with it.


Athletics: +3

Deception: +8

Insight: +9

Investigation: +6

Perception: +11

Persuasion: +8

Ranged Combat (telekinetic grasp): +12

Stealth: +11

Technology: +9


Before becoming the Forcemaker, his name was Alan Perry. Alan was adopted and lived a decent life in New York City. He was always a smart kid, but never had the opportunity to really get quality higher education. He worked once he got out of high school as a construction worker. Alan knew he could’ve been a more if he had the opportunity, so he started going to the library to look at physics books and teach himself more. He got his powers during this phase of his life, and he was very pleased with his ability to create forces out of nothing. Alan knew that this was his chance to be more in life, and he took it, along with the name Forcemaker. Before he set out to make a name for himself, Alan said goodbye to his friends and family, and promised them that he wouldn’t forget them and would still see them around. Once the Forcemaker entered the scene, he begun to realize how much he enjoyed the powers he had, as well as the thrills that came with the super’s way of life. The Forcemaker never shied away from the cameras or reporters when they showed up at the scene. The Forcemaker joined the Vanguard simply to see what being a super was like in a different area. He is currently on an assignment with his brother, Doctor Incognito, to investigate the government branch known as MIRA.

The Forcemaker

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